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Pay Per Click Advertising

What is PPC?

Google Ads

Google Ads, a form of Pay-Per Click Advertising, allow an advertiser to create custom text ads which appear only when triggered by the keywords or search terms of their choosing. The top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page.

Pay Per Click

Unlike other digital ad forms, Google Ads solely target those people who are actively searching for a term related to the advertiser’s product or service. The advertiser pays only when a user clicks on the ad.

We ’re certified across all of Google ’s Ad platforms: Search, Display, Shopping &Video.

Our High-Converting Strategy

We build Ads differently

We’re a PPC Agency in London who build Ads differently.
We know how important your budget is, so we don’t waste it on irrelevant clicks.

Plus, we ’re an official Google Partner. We ’ve met Google ’s rigorous certification, performance &spend requirements.

Effective campaigns that convert

Our background in Organic Search gives us a distinct advantage when compared to a traditional PPC agency in London. Our initial keyword research is comprehensive enough to weed out keywords with no purchase intent. We know the importance of good on-page SEO when it comes to your Google Ads quality score. And, our Ad copy uses qualifying text, so you only spend your money converting genuine prospects.

We don’t focus on bells &whistles. We build effective campaigns that convert.

Our Process

Detailed Keyword Research

Our keyword research is rigorous and frankly, unrivalled. Coming from an organic search background, we take great care in selecting relevant keywords with relevant intent.

Meticulous Budget Spend

We know how important every penny of your budget is, so we don’t waste spend on irrelevant clicks. We tweak &edit campaign settings on an ongoing basis to hone our targeting. And our bidding strategy minimises wasteful clicks.

Compelling Ad Copy

We craft compelling, attractive ad copy that distinguishes our ads from others and wins clicks. Unlike other PPC agencies in London, we qualify all clicks through informative ad copy, including price and other important info as needed.

Transparent Reporting

We work with you to identify Key Performance Indicators and send through weekly or monthly reports as desired, based on these important metrics. Our transparent reporting allows you to see, firsthand, what your hard-earned investment is earning you.

Regular Optimisations

We stay on top of your Ads by performing key optimisations and build out Campaigns &Ad Groups based on what’s working so you get the most conversions and bang for your buck!

Remarketing Ads

Google Display Ads allows you to use interest targeting &remarketing to reach your audience (users who have previously visited your website but not converted). Our Graphic Designers create eye-catching Display Ads that have a clear Call to Action to ensure we get users back onto your site!

Our Results


Read about how we helped generate 60% more leads for Accounting Technicians Ireland through Paid Search.
Refined Search campaigns and Remarketing Display campaigns were key to our success.
We exceeded each of the monthly targets (and the overall target) set out by the client at the start of the campaign.


" Peter &Aidan headed up the Search Marketing team for Peru Hop and Bolivia Hop here in our Lima office. Over a year-long period, the lads helped to improve Peru Hop’s organic search traffic by 114% and Bolivia Hop’s by 129% . By more than doubling our organic traffic, our online sales improved in turn. We continue to reap the rewards, even years after the lads have left, as our organic search presence remains dominant amongst competitors. "

- Peru Hop

"We have used SEO Pro for the past 6/7 Months and We would never go back. They helped generate traffic to our site and boost sales. Very easy to deal with and are experts in the industry. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to increase presence to their online store. Thanks to the SEO Pro team from everyone at Flying Elephant!"

- Flying Elephant

" I have been dealing with SEO Pro for several years now. We have found them to be the must go-to guys for all SEO development work. Their knowledge, professionalism, eagerness and attitude on a B2B basis is incredible. Despite knowing nothing about the cleaning supplies industry they have managed to establish Wipeout as one of the top websites in the industry.
We saw a 237% increase in organic new users during their tenure .

- Wipeout

" We have noticed a considerable increase in the number of qualified leads approaching us via our website’s contact form. We have been able to turn these qualified leads into sales and this has improved our bottom line.
SEO Pro have increased our overall yearly sales by more than 20% .
In addition, we have seen huge increases in overall Organic Traffic, keyword ranking positions and brand awareness.

- Totally Latin America

" SEO Pro are always up for the task at hand and get results. Very easy to work with and get tasks done in a timely manner.
Between January - April 2020, we saw almost 150 high-converting leads from Search Marketing . A drastic improvement on previous years!

- TX Bar Grassfed